How the Locate Jobs Network Can Work for You

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Better Targeting, Better Focus...Better Candidates

Diversity Jobs is a niche job board designed specifically to attract active candidates to your posted jobs. Our network of niche job boards is based on the idea that more qualified candidates result in better long-term hiring results and increased ROI for employers and recruiters. By cross-posting your jobs to the other relevant niche job boards in the Locate Jobs Network, we offer the greatest possible reach for your organic, inbound recruiting efforts. The sites in our network deliver candidates who are searching actively among organic search results in the major search engines. These active job seekers find your jobs under highly relevant terms and contact you directly through your job posts.

Diversity Jobs is one of thousands of highly targeted, niche job boards that comprise the Locate Jobs Network. The Network was designed and built to offer employers and recruiters a better way to cost-effectively attract targeted job seekers to their open positions. Unlike massive employment portals or even brand-focused industry job boards, our sites are small, highly targeted and simply built to deliver qualified candidates to the employers and recruiters who require their skills.